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September 25, 2009
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Sep 25, 2009, 8:44:45 AM
Barking Stag by Neutron2K Barking Stag by Neutron2K
A red stag barking as we enter the rutting season. this guy was BIG. Unfortunatly light was very harsh by the time I got to actually photograph any of the red deer.

Theres a deer cull going on and when I arrived in place at 6am - I wasn't allowed through until 8am for ';public safety'. What waste of a great mornings light, let alone 100 mile drive and petrol to go with!

This was shot under the shade of a tree. I apologise for the burnouts in the background but there was just NOTHING I could do about it. I hate the light after the first 2 hours of the day - I really do and it winds me up when my best laid plans suddenly get stopped dead because of moronic human acts.
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halomoon Jul 4, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I love the picture the way it is but is there a hole in the front of his eye?
Does appear so. I think its his tear ducts or somthing. never really noticed it!
halomoon Jul 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
lol ok, few XD
cull ... that's a laugh. I recon they should have let them be and let them cull some crappy drivers.
I don't mind hunters so long as they are doing it with respect.
I'd FAR FAR FAR prefer to eat an animal, wear it's fur or leather and use it's bones for carving or something, than eat just a few cut's from some poor wretch of an animal.
Animal fur should be banned. Hunting should be banned unless its for protection purposes and to prevent one species from being phased out from another. Theres really no need for it most of the time, especially not fox hunting
"Animal fur should be banned. Hunting should be banned unless its for protection purposes and to prevent one species from being phased out from another"

Would you say the same for fish? Moluscs and insects? Plants? I'm not trying to pick an argument here, I used to vehemently oppose fox huunting for example. Now I just don't really understand what the right thing to do is. I greatly admire vegitarians and vegans but now I also greatly admire people like the Kalahari bushmen for example. The whole situation for me now is extremely complicated.

I guess what I'm asking is, where is the line?
the line would be killing for fun or for no purpose at all. Survival is fine, protection is fine.

I also do say the same for fish if its (for example, tuna) being severely over fished and endagering the species existence.

I'm not a vegetarian or vegan but mostly I only eat chicken. I supposed thats because the chickens were specifically bred for the food chain and their in abundance (if that makes sense).

If somthings killed for food out of necessity and everything is used (fur included for things like warmth but definatly NOT designer clothing!) then its ok with me.

Its mostly hunting for pointless fun that really f's me off.
I meant fishing by line as opposed to the industrial scale fishing nets - purely from a sustainability perspective and because it would benefit poor fishermen rather than soul-less immortal corporations.

"I only eat chicken.."
So you also be ok eating a wild food if it was breeding in abundance?

I think we'd probably agree on the fur front - if I'd killed and eaten an animal I'd like as little as possible to go to waste. I detest the whole idea of being extravagantly wasteful as status symbol.

"Its mostly hunting for pointless fun that really f's me off."
I presume you mean ONLY for fun - where the target is mearly a trophy? In which case I 100% agree.
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